Saturday, January 19, 2013

X & O' s Why I keep Jennings Over Finley

By 68md

I keep seeing a lot of threads about both Finley and Jennings and why they should stay or go. Here is my take and why I retain Jennings with the tag and trade Finley.

First by trading Fin I save his money and use that for the year on Jennings cap fee, I think this will upset Greg but also motivate him into a killer season.

With that said a defense has to respect Greg not only for his vertical threat but his route running and his awareness.

In my first set we line up twins left with Jennings wide and Jones in the slot... I have Nelson out to the right as a Flanker. I put Cobb in the backfield with two TE's Williams and Crabtree.

With this personal group we force the DC to make a chess move. I can use Cobb to run..throw or be a receiver. They have to respect Jennings and Nelson outside...if Rodgers gets an iso he has an instant green light to go deep.

However it gets even more interesting , I have Williams who has the speed to get open deep. I can use Crabby as a blocker or chip block and go hit the short pass. Just a ton of options.

In 4 wide with a RB we are just our loaded  with weapons and Jennings again makes a DC make a choice.

With Finley while a dynamic player he does not command the same respect anymore nor can he be as consistent as Greg Jennings.

From a X ands O's stand point keeping Jennings makes the packers a deadly passing team. Keeping Fin is a hit or miss proposition.

I would personally have no issues franchising Greg Jennings at this point.

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