Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Packers 2012 Report Card

By 68MD

Another season in the books, I guessed 10-6 or 11-5 so nailed the record this year, Let's break down the Packers in 2012.


OL : This group was hit with injuries early and often, fairly inconstant from game to game. I saw progress in the running this year at times but still not the Juggernaut of the NFL.

Pass pro was awful, Rodgers was hit and pummeled far too often.  Grade D

RB/FB : Another group that was banged up, Take out Benson early and Harris late and well it's the same old. Starks is an injury waiting to happen, Green is hot/cold and Kuhn despite being a fan favorite still tends to not get a yard when needed.   Grade : C

WR : Jennings was out all year and yet we still received plays and production from Cobb and Jones both lit up the scoreboard. Nelson when healthy is still dynamic and Boykin shows Promise.
Grade: A-

TE : Tough group to grade. I thought Crabtree was outstanding this year and was the A TE, Finley is still inconstant and in some games fails to show up.

Taylor is a Crabtree clone and Williams has flashed the ability to get open but not catch. Grade : B-

QB : Aaron Rodgers is still the man, not a great year but look above and it's obvious why. Aaron continues to be a top 3 QB.  Grade A


DL : The group that continues to get beat up against physical OL and power teams. To be fair they were hung out to dry by MM with lack of depth more then once. ( more on that later)
I thought Mike Neal was decent returning and Raji and Pickett flashed a few games.
Worthy played like a rookie and needs an off season to recover from injury and add some muscle.
Grade C -

OLB : Clay M is an A player BUT continues to get hit with Hammy injuries, other then Clay the line of wanna be OLB flashed here and there but who else was consistent each game ?
Really don't have the robin to our batman at OLB. Grade B -

ILB : A position hit by injury except 1, AJ Hawk like him or not just plays. He had his best season in a while. Smith showed  promise when healthy. I can't down grade this group again because the DL failed to consistently keep the OL in our second level D. Grade B

CB : Hot/Cold and at times lost. Not the best year by this group. Sam Shields was much improved and Hayward was a rookie stand out. I think there is enough talent going forward but if hang out any DB without pressure up front .... more Hot/Cold will happen.
Grade B-

Safety :  They had their issues but a much better unit as whole this year, many times our safeties had to make the tackle on big backs like AP... most times they did. Room for improvement ? Yes but still much better then last year. Grade B

K/P/ST : The place kicking issues our what they are, no arguing that. Punting and overall ST are still much much better the last 2 seasons so as a group can't complain. Another kicker should be brought in though to shore things up. Grade B +

Coaching :  Toughest thing to grade is coaching because we don't know all the variables  I do think some of the inactive moves where poor and hung our DL/OL out to dry.
I think we tend to still get pass heavy at times but I saw more running game then the last 2 years.

You have to look at the body of work, 11-5 and NFC North champs AND a home playoff win. That is in a sense an improvement. Don't se a ton of staff movement this year.

Grade B+

Summary : Not the way I wanted the year to end but still consider the circumstances. With the injuries and some the odd things early(cough Seattle cough) it still adds up positive.

We still ended up as a top team in the NFL and won our division  Yes we have issues and yes personal changes our coming.

My Grade for the 2012/13 Green Bay Packers   B +

Until Next Time  GO PACK GO !

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