Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013 Divisional Round

Well, the wild-card round was pretty boring this year compared to normal.  The Bengals offense couldn't convert a 3rd down the entire game.  Joe Webb started at QB.  The Ravens came out and crushed the Colts.  RG3 got hurt early and everyone knew that the Seahawks were coming back for the win.  Here's hoping that the divisional round is a little better, but know that I'm absolutely fine with another Packers blowout.  Unfortunately, I did only go 2-2 in my picks last week, getting both AFC games wrong and nailing the NFC games.

First let me start off by saying that I will be shocked if the Ravens or Texans are able to win this weekend.  We are headed on another Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady showdown for the AFC Championship, and I will admit that I am quite excited about that.  I am picking both the Broncos and Patriots at home this week.

Also, I think that Seahawks at Falcons will be another great game.  Right now I would pick the Falcons to win just because I think Mike Smith and Matt Ryan have to pull one off soon.  Julio Jones and Roddy White both are excellent targets, and seeing them go against Sherman and Browner is definitely a matchup to watch.  I know that Peyton Manning lost his first 3 playoff games, and not that Ryan is Peyton Manning, but I think that they have a chance with all of their offensive weapons to beat the Seahawks, so that's who I'm going to take.

Now to the most important game of the weekend, Packers at 49ers.  This is a game that will definitely be won in the trenches.  We all know that our offensive line has improved over the course of the season.  Our pass rush is much better with Clay Matthews back, and Raji played like an absolute beast last week, tearing the Vikings up.  One thing that could be absolutely huge is if we can have Starks back this week for our running game as is being reported by Tom Silverstein.  The other major thing in this game is that we have to win the turnover battle.  Rodgers was intercepted by Navarro Bowman in the last game and that is something that cannot happen again.  Rodgers has been keeping it clean lately, but when your last few opponents have been the Vikings x2, Titans, and Bears.  That's a little bit easier said than done.  All in all, I have the Packers winning a close game over the 49ers, with the final score being 31-24.

Go Pack Go!

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