Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mid-Season Power Rankings

Right now I am still having a tough time trying to figure out this league.  The Giants got a pretty fortunate win on Sunday with Dez putting his hand down out of bounds on the game winning touchdown.  The Bears kicked a last second field goal in order to beat the Panthers.  San Fransisco has looked good at times, and downright horrible at times.  Houston seems to be pretty consistent, but the Packers destroyed them in back in week 6.  So this is just my opinion of how I would rank the teams, because it is not an exact science of a clear cut favorite this season.

1.  Atlanta Falcons--They have beaten everyone that they have played.  Their early victory against the Denver Broncos keeps getting more and more impressive each week.  They are very stacked on offense and on defense.  Roddy White & Julio Jones may be the best 1 & 2 WR in the league for any team.

2.  New York Giants--They keep finding ways to win.  They have their strong defensive line, Victor Cruz and Eli Manning.  Right now they are the team that nobody would want to play, simply because they find a way to win and seem very scrappy.

3.  New England Patriots--They have the best offense in the league.  Despite his injury, no one has been able to stop Gronk.  Tom Brady seems like he just wants to quiet all of the critics.  They still have one of the best coaches in the league.

4.  Chicago Bears--It may not be their offense that is simply amazing, but their defense has been non-stop awesome this year.  They probably should have lost to Carolina, but their defense kept them in the game and got another defensive touchdown.

5.  Houston Texans--Great running game and a great passing game.  Owen Daniels is underrated and so is Matt Schaub.  JJ Watt has simply changed the face of the defense and that is why they could let Mario Williams leave last season.

6.  Green Bay Packers--The reason that I don't have them higher is because of the fact that they seem to scare me.  We should have beaten the Jaguars a little bit better, we seemed to have the Rams put away but they kept trying to come back.  Our defense is much better, but our offensive injuries worry me.

7.  San Fransisco 49ers--They beat the teams they are supposed to, except for the Vikings.  The seem like a team that can dominate, and then they have those horrible struggles against the Giants and Seahawks offensively.

8.  Denver Broncos--Same good defense, Peyton Manning is doing well.  John Fox left Carolina at just the right time.  John Elway knows how to put together a team.  Things could be good for quite some time in Mile High Country.

9.  Pittsburgh Steelers--They seem to be getting things put back together, and quite handily beat the Washington Redskins on Sunday.  Those jerseys do not ever need to be worn again.

10.  Minnesota Vikings--Did anyone expect Adrian Peterson to be so good so soon after coming back from his ACL surgery last December?  He is leading the league in rushing.

11.  Baltimore Ravens--Too many defensive injuries.  Were blown out by the Texans, lost to the Eagles.  Should have lost to New England and Dallas.  Now they have to play without Webb.  Things are just going to go downhill from here, but they do have Ray Rice.

12.  Indianapolis Colts--I don't think anyone expected them to be playing this well so early in the year.  They beat the Packers for their big upset.  And I think everyone is praying for Chuck Pagano.  Bruce Arians may be a head coach somewhere else rather quickly.

13.  Miami Dolphins--So, it's time to give Joe Philbin some love.  Right now these Dolphins are projected to go to the playoffs, and I was pretty certain they were the worst team in the division.  I am almost certain I picked the Bills to go to the playoffs instead.

14.  Seattle Seahawks--They have played pretty good at home and bad on the road.  They have some impressive wins against the Packers (let's not get into that) and the Patriots.  They also have lost to the Cardinals and the Rams.  They have a good defense but I'm hoping that Sherman (Optimus Prime) will not keep trash talking.

15.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers--They looked really good on a short week against the Vikings.  Their new coach Greg Schiano has them playing disciplined football.  I'm pretty sure Ronde Barber is still one of the best corners in football.

16.  Cincinnati Bengals--This is where I think there is a complete dropoff in talent and I'm just going to list some teams.

17.  Detroit Lions
18.  New York Jets
19.  Dallas Cowboys
20.  Philadelphia Eagles
21.  Arizona Cardinals
22.  Buffalo Bills
23.  San Diego Chargers
24.  Oakland Raiders
25.  Washington Redskins
26.  St. Louis Rams
27.  Tennessee Titans
28.  New Orleans Saints
29.  Cleveland Browns
30.  Carolina Panthers
31.  Jacksonville Jaguars
32.  Kansas City Chiefs

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