Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Packers MVP

On this election day I was trying to figure out exactly what to blog upon.  First I need to give a shout out and my prayers to the people on the East Coast who were/are being effected by Hurricane Sandy.  I'm used to Tornadoes and Ice storms, but Hurricanes do seem to scare me, because we don't get them in Oklahoma where I live.  Everyone is already asking you to vote, because our election is something that truly matters.  So I thought I would take a different twist on things and see who is the Packers MVP at this point in the season.  But first I just want to start off with some stats.

-The Packers currently lead the league with 28 sacks this season.  We had 29 all of last year.
-The Packers have 10 INT's through 9 weeks, we had 31 last year.
-The Packers have 26 passing TD's and 2 rushing TD's.

I just thought that those were interesting, and my guess is that we are playing it safe more often on defense, which is why we have less picks.

MVP Candidates:

Randall Cobb--It's easy to tell why Rodgers loves having this guy on the team.  He is simply a beast at catching the ball and he is the go to guy on 3rd downs.  What I love about him is how he has stepped up in Greg Jennings absence, and has pretty much filled the role that we had for Jermichael Finley as well.

James Jones--I'll admit, I was fine trading him to someone before the season started, but Jones has been much more reliable and has dropped the ball way less this season than he normally did.  He is our leading touchdown receiver with 8 TD's.

Morgan Burnett--Right now he is our team's leading tackler.  45 individual and 67 combined with assisted tackles puts him higher than everyone else on the team.  You have to be able to tackle in order to win games.

Clay Matthews--9 of our 28 sacks on this season he has on his own, let alone how many times have you seen the opposing QB look at Matthews and get hit by someone else.  Hopefully his hamstring feels better after the bye week.

Aaron Rodgers--He was last year's NFL MVP.  He is still doing a great job this year.  What other team can go 6-3 with injuries to it's top 2 WR, starting RB, starting TE, and have their offense still doing what they normally do?  It's easy to get frustrated with Aaron or our offense for "lack of production" this season, but they had super high expectations and right now Rodgers is projected for 44 passing TD's which would lead the league.  I have to admit it, my vote goes right with this guy.

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