Monday, November 26, 2012

The Day After

By 68md

It's the day after a very humbling loss to the Giants and there are some very frank issues that need to be discussed.

First let me direct you to this thread before the season :

And this little quote : Personally think we could get in a pickle if injuries hit any of our DL/OL early... this should be watched closely.

As of right now we are in a pickle because we have no depth and a very if OL and our DL is getting handled... not just this week but each week the past 3 it's been getting worse.

I have no advice as to how we overcome this other then finding a serviceable LT...push Newhouse to RT and Lang back to Guard (where he belongs).

I also think and will say it's time to dump ZBS once and for all. We have never ever been a great rushing team with it.... time to move on.

DL just can't seem to hold their ground and our LB are getting engaged by OL down field. I bitched all off season and will again... your backers can't do their job when there fighting off OG every down. !

I have no comment this week on the rest of our team other then coach... stop the 50 plus yard FG and punt the damn ball !


Here we go again

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