Sunday, September 2, 2012

Packers Mold A Roster

By 68md

Cut down day has come and gone. The PS squad is signed so now let's analyze the 2012 Green Bay packers. (Warning not for the over zeolous rah rah fan).

The first thing that stands out is 7 OL and 1 is undrafted FA Don Barclay so call it 6.
This speaks volumes for the lack of quality OL in camp. I truly believe this has been an Achilles heel in the MM/TT era. The pack placed D.Sherrod on PUP for 6 weeks further complicating matters.
You have to stop and wonder if Sherrod sees the field this year and if so can he even be effective ?
I can't see us not picking up an OT in the next 2 weeks but stranger things have happened.
The only other huge surprise offensively was keeping Brandon Saine on the roster when he showed nothing in (Touch on this latter)

On Defense once again we show very little concern for DL while overvaluing the DB positions. I thought Daniel Muir clearly won a spot at DT, while Mike Daniels was hot/cold.
I disagree with keeping a guy like Brandon Ross whom was beaten badly in coverage time and time again for ST and tackling when your run defense is affected by cutting Muir.
Personally think we could get in a pickle if injuries hit any of our DL/OL early... this should be watched closely.

I guess my biggest beef with this roster is TT/MM mantra about looking at a players body of work but keeping guys like Saine and Ross who beat out players that frankly out worked and out played them consistently.

Looming ahead is a fairly tough opening slate that will test this roster to the core. Can lack of line depth be overcome by running the high octane offense and running a nickle/dime D ?

We have seen it work in the past so one must trust that TT/MM know what they are doing but a team that can pound the rock and keep our offense on the sideline while wearing down our D may set a blueprint for the season.

Lets get ready for the niners and see what 2012 brings our Green Bay Packers. GO PACK GO !

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