Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Packers in Transitition?

I write this realizing that with any organization or team, you have to constantly be changing to keep up with progress, and you cannot play every game the same.  It just seems like the Packers have come up with a game plan that could feature several different players than what we have been accustomed to seeing over the last few years.

1.  Randall Cobb/Greg Jennings

Cobb is a smaller version of what Jennings has been for us for so many years.  The guy who will catch the 10 yard pass and then turn upfield and make a few guys miss.  I know Jennings is in a contract year and has been hurt much of this season.  I'm not necessarily saying that he's replaceable, but the Packers have been known to let some big money free agents go and sign elsewhere.  If Jennings demands too much, I wouldn't be surprised to see him sign somewhere else, although it would be difficult because Driver is still on the team and we have had so much receiver loyalty since the Javon Walker holdout from 2004-5.

2.  Tom Crabtree/Jermichael Finley

First off, I don't care how talented you are, you don't come out and blast comments about the NFL MVP from last season.  Aaron Rodgers has won over the hearts of Green Bay fans after the Brett Favre saga that we had to deal with from 2007-2009.  Rodgers showed a lot of character and poise becoming the starter of our team, and if you don't have chemistry with him, then my blame would go to you.  Also, Crabtree has 2 receiving touchdowns this year.  The one off of the fake field goal with the Bears, and then the one Sunday Night against the Texans where they just didn't guard him.  Of course this cannot be discussed without mentioning that lastly, Finley drops so many passes.  I don't know what it is about Finley or Dez Bryant, largely considered two of the top talents in the league, but they drop passes.  I don't know if it is mental, if they just take if for granted because of how talented they are, if they think they are bracing for a hit that doesn't always come, but you have to catch the football when it hits you in the hands.

3.  Casey Hayward/Sam Shields

I'm sure everyone noticed Sam Shields down at the end of the game on Sunday night.  I was a little frustrated and I don't even know how bad the injury was.  But clearly Matt Schaub had his mind set on I'm going to show this rookie cornerback how it's done.  Casey Hayward is now leading our team in INT's, and he was injured to start the season.  He had a beautiful deflection to defend a touchdown and then a interception on back to back plays.  I don't really know what else it is but we need to start seeing Hayward on the field more.

When I was writing our season preview earlier this year, I knew this was going to be the toughest part of our schedule to start the season.  3-3 is not a bad spot for us to be in.  Yes, we could have played better, but I think that by the end of November we need to be at least 7-4 if not 8-3 because of our opposition coming up during that time.  Here are those next 5 games: @Rams, Jaguars, Cardinals, BYE, @Lions, @Giants.  I'm not really sure why we have road games back to back between the Lions and Giants again, but our schedule certainly went down a notch when those teams right now have a combined record of 14-14, and our previous opponents have a record of 20-13, it certainly does look a lot brighter ahead of us.  No matter what happens, I just hope the Packers can keep winning, and I'll sleep better if it is big wins like Sunday night.

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