Friday, October 12, 2012

Packers vs Texans: How To beat Them Defensively

The packers draw the Texans this weekend, a tough task to handle defensively  Let's look at our defensive keys to the game.

1. Control the run game. If you can't stop the run game it's over before it starts
2. Take away the big play WR threat.
3. Make Schaub get happy feet.... force him to win it.

I would  like to see Green bay use base on 1st down and go nickle after that. Roll coverage to Andre Johnson and make sure a Safety like Woodson takes the TE.

If you allow Schaub to get comfortable or the run game to crank it's a long night.

On a ST note Keshawn Martin a rookie from Michigan state will return punts and KO.  This could be  something Green Bay exploits.

We can NOT have coverage gaffs this weekend as they will end up as 6 points. Pursue the football....Tackle and play assignment sure.

Let's go to Houston and get the W !   Go Pack Go !!!

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