Friday, August 10, 2012

Sign Cedric

Usually the Packers don't do much in free agency.  I think that the Packers shouldn't normally do a lot in free agency as well, because too many teams overspend and get horrible contracts.  Mario Williams getting a $100 million contract could be great for the Bills.  But it also could be horrible.

When I look at the running back situation for the Packers, which I evaluated a few weeks ago.  It was pretty gruesome.  Marc Tyler was the leading rusher with 32 yards.  But with him fumbling and no one else on the team doing anything on the ground I am pleading that the Packers go through with the report that we might sign Cedric Benson.  Usually I don't care for any former players of the Bears or the Bengals, or players who have been in trouble with the law, but I want Benson on our team so badly.  He has rushed for over 1000 yards each of the last 3 seasons.  If he can get over the legal issues, then he will be great.  Please Packers, get him for a good price and we'll all be okay.  If nothing else, I bet we give him a one year contract so he can try to get a better contract for next season.  Besides, he is better than Ryan Grant ever was.  And he only lost two fumbles all of last year.

Please Green Bay, sign Cedric.

Do it quickly.

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