Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pardon The Interruption ~ Odds and Ends

by 68MD

Several issues going on in Packerland I want to touch on this evening. First and foremost it's the amount of injuries in camp.
This has been an issue on and off for MM since he took over. The only logical explanation to me is failure to get players warmed up properly and not controlling the tone of those practices.

Regarding the Packers Signing Cedric Benson, it was a must move due to the lack of healthy bodies as well as poor production by young backs.
James Starks is just what he was coming out of college an injury prone back with upside that may or may not blossom. Right now it's not looking great.

Let's see what Benson brings to the table and go from there.

Do not expect a lot from Green Bay on Thursday night with 18 or so not practicing. If Newhouse returns we could get 2-3 nice offensive series but after that my expectations won't be high.

My biggest concern remains the depth at OL, a couple of upgrades may be needed for depth.

That's my odds and ends.... Pardon The Interruption.


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