Friday, August 3, 2012

kdiggs74 Season Preview/Predictions

Preseason games start on Sunday with the Hall of Fame game between the Cardinals and the Saints.  You've all had an opportunity to look at what the Packers are doing at all of our positions this offseason.  So let's take a look at the Packer's schedule and break down what we are going to get ourselves into this year.

Our season starts with a flurry of games in September, hosting the 49ers, Bears, and Saints and going to Seattle.  I think that we will definitely beat the Bears and Seahawks, but games will probably be closer then they are expected.  I will also predict a split between the 49ers and Saints just because it will be a difficult month, one of our worst months for our schedule this season.  This means that we are 3-1 after September.

October is mostly easy games, but 3 road games in a row to start it off at Indianapolis, Houston, & St. Louis.  Then we host Jacksonville.  Most of these teams are not remotely at the Packers level, the only game that we should have to worry about here is at Houston, because they are talented and seem to be putting things together.  I'm going to be conservative and say that we lose that game too.  This means that we are 6-2 after October.

November is the month in which we have our bye, host the Cardinals, and go to Detroit & New York (Giants).  This will be the first month in which I will predict a clean sweep.  I think that Detroit got a bad draw to play us after we get an extra week to rest and prepare, and then you know that all of the players are going to be extra focused to beat the Giants again after what happened in the Divisional game last year.  Packers record is now at 9-2 after November.

December is loaded with games within our own division, in which we went 6-0 last year.  I will predict that with both games against Minnesota, hosting the Titans and Lions, and visiting Chicago, that the only game I am concerned about is playing at Soldier Field.  Chicago always plays us well in the cold and come up with some plays that they don't do against anyone else, like an Urlacher INT, or a Peppers blocked field goal.  They tend to beat us in bizarre ways, and so I will have us lose that game this month, meaning that we are 13-3 and clinch home field for the playoffs.

My other division winners are New York Giants, Atlanta Falcons, and San Fransisco 49ers.  My wild card teams go to Philadelphia and Chicago.  AFC division winners are New England, Baltimore, Houston, and Denver.  Wild card teams are Buffalo and Kansas City.

Wild Card Round:  Chiefs over Ravens, Broncos over Bills, Eagles over Falcons, Giants over Bears.

Divisional Round:  Texans over Chiefs, Patriots over Broncos, Packers over Eagles, 49ers over Giants.

Championship Round: Texans over Patriots, Packers over 49ers.

Super Bowl:  Packers 38, Texans 24.

Hopefully I'm not just dreaming, but I think that there is a real chance that this comes true this year.  Plus it is nice that the Packers get to beat the self-proclaimed dream team from last year and now Vick's dynasty, and then probably two of our regular season losses in the 49ers and the Texans.  I definitely think if the Texans can stay healthy then they can go to the Super Bowl.  It's definitely been a health question for them though because Foster, Andre Johnson, and Matt Schaub were all hurt last season.  That doesn't help anyone out.  Packers would like to have 1 for the thumb as well, let's get it this season.

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