Wednesday, August 8, 2012

2012 Season Prediction

By 68md

I know we haven't played a preseason game yet but for years I have predicted our season before this game and not doing so would be bad luck.

Predicted weakness :
1. OL Depth, LT is really thin and frankly our 2nd string is not great. Watch this group close.
2.Secondary depth and tackling, Big drop off from the first tier to second. I still see some of the lazy tackling... watch carefully
3. RB This may work out but right now still a concern

Predicted Strength :
1. Starting Offense, in my book the most dangerous group in the NFL. Teams will have to score 30 plus to beat us.
2. PK/P/PR, If Cobb stays healthy and our specialist have last years numbers we should be solid on ST. Dictating field position with our offense is huge.
3. Coaching, Best staff in the North and top 5 in the NFL is a big plus.

With the improvements in the division and looking at the schedule my prediction is.... 12-4 North Champs and return to the NFC Championship game.

Let's get the season started ! GO Pack GO !

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