Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hard Cheddar: Some early offensive notes

Football is back, ladies and gentlemen! For the first time in what seems like forever there was NFL football on the TV this weekend. Not commentary, not speculation or "Top 100 Lists", an actual football game. The preseason was kicked off Sunday with the 52nd Annual Pro Football Hall of Fame Game between the New York Giants and the Buffalo Bills. 

Bills v. Giants (SUPER BOWL PREVIEW?!) No, relax casual reader.
The game was about as boring as you'd expect. Eli Manning lost a fumble and America was left once again scratching it's collective head wondering how this man has won two Super Bowls and collected two Super Bowl MVP honors. One thing that stood out to me though was how similar the Bills offense looked like Green Bay circa 2011. This is easily the result of the hiring of former Packer Tight Ends and Quarterbacks Coach, Ben McAdoo.
Manningface. Simply nothing better.
Enough about Eli and his silly faces. The Packers have been in training camp and as usual there is news upon news to to consume your life with. Right off the bat, Aaron Rodgers looks true to form and ready to start shredding some defenses. With a brand-spanking-new receiving corps it doesn't appear he'll be hurting for people to chuck the ol' pigskin to and that's a good thing. Jordy Nelson, having just received a healthy new contract, has apparently been tearing it up at the Don Hutson Center. Randall Cobb, has been relatively quiet this camp and I believe there is a designed reason for that. Speculation has pointed to Captain Cobb being the proverbial malware attack on the other team's defensive harddrive. Under no circumstances would I expect Big Mike McCarthy and gang to show any more of their hand than they need to. Jarrett Boykin has also apparently been having a solid camp. There you go, a solid 1-2-3 punch for Green Bay through the air. You'll notice I didn't mention Davante Adams and that's simply because he has been incredibly quiet. Gameday surprise or another project for the Packer coaching staff? Time will tell.
Please be good. Treat Aaron right.
Sadly, Jared Abbredaris has been lost for the season due to an ACL tear. I'm definitely not in full-on tears and sobbing mode with this one though. Why? From the moment he was drafted I remembered thinking "Gosh, I wish they could sit him for a year and bulk him up a bit". This could be a huge blessing in disguise for Jared. Sit out a year fella, recoup a bit. 

Onto the running game. We have Eddie Lacy, James Starks, and Dujuan Harris. That is easily the scariest Packer backfield I've ever seen on paper. According to numerous coaches and players Eddie has been playing out of his mind and is in peak-condition (knock-on-wood). Dujuan Harris, I guess, will be not only running the rock behind Lacy, but will also be a featured man in the return game. I have not heard much about Starks but he tends to be the same reliable banger year-in and year-out. There is nothing here that I can tell you that nobody doesn't already know. With Aaron under center and Lacy behind Aaron...well, figure it out. There is unlimited potential on offense. 

I didn't cover as much as I would've liked but I'll be back! Us grown ups need to go to work from time to time. I'd definitely like to cover some of the happenings on the offensive line (including what happened to Don Barclay's knee) tomorrow. As always, thanks for reading. 

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