Sunday, August 24, 2014

68md Yearly Prediction Post

Yet another training camp is coming to a close and 3 preseason games are over. As has been tradition I will do my best to figure out this years Green Bay Packers.

First let's look back and see what TT brought in to help the team as far as personal. The big gun is Julius Peppers who hasn't lost a step and will be a needed threat opposite Clay Matthews.

The drafting of Ha Ha Clinton Dix along with Micah Hyde should improve the safety group from last year. Still the depth  isn't all the way there yet.

My big concern as has been the case 3 years running is the DL and OL depth, this team tends to try and run on UDFA or low draft picks for key back ups. Sometimes it works and sometimes your franchise QB gets knocked out for weeks ?

I spent the better part of 2 days watching NFC north games from the pre season as well as key opponents. On film we will struggle against teams with strong running games and GOOD cut back backs.

Our Offense will be among the leagues best if #12 and Mr. Lacy stay healthy. So let's not beat around the bush any longer.

Though many folks will scream I again have this team 10-6 and winning the North. Two things can change that. Any Injury to Rodgers and the defense playing way way over their heads.

If the first all bets are off. If the latter then we could make a very deep run this year.

So go to your closet and dig out that jersey, call grandma for her chili recipe and settle in for another year of Packer football !


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