Thursday, November 28, 2013

Ravings of A Forty Something Cheesehead ~ Team Issues Raw Perspective

by 68md

Too many times the past 24 to 30 months we have heard the sugar coated version of what's wrong in Green bay. We have had consistent problems with multiple issues only to have bloggers and reporters put on their green and gold glass's and whisk it away.

So today I'll lay it out for you very simply and honestly. The first big issue and it's elephant in the room is the talent. That's right except for a handful of players the talent level isn't there anymore.

You see players who had "huge potential " and "upside"  getting run over and around each week. All the scheme and coaching in the world can't overcome that.  Stop drafting prospects and bodies and inject some high level talent into the team.

Sorry Ted but ever UDFA and low draft pick can't be a stud.

To further complicate that your stuck in a 3-4  defensive scheme and drafting 4-3 ends you want to convert to 3/4 OLB. How's that working for you ? Enough !

Our OL is a mess from top to bottom. Ever since the switch to ZBS it's been a mess.  Time for MM to pull up his pants and dump this disaster of a system and hire a new OL coach and system.

Really what it boils down to is the system and beliefs TT/MM have built the team around need adjusting. They have grown stale and other teams know what we are bringing to the table.

The winds of change need to blow in Titletown. Time for Mike and Ted to look in the mirror and say we have a problem.

That's my raw perspective. Until next time Go Pack Go !

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