Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ravings of A Forty Something Cheesehead

By 68md

Back again after 8 games to find the Packers in a slightly tougher spot then I had anticipated at this point. Several issues need to addressed and I want to forewarn anyone reading this I don't sugar coat my opinion so if your on edge better wait before reading.

First the big elephant in the room Aaron Rodgers injury. No the season is not over. No team anywhere just folds after losing the star to injury.

However I will make 2 points, First part of the struggle at back up QB lies squarely on staff and the front office in not seeing that we had issues at back up earlier in camp. Wallace and VY were really never given a whole camp or off season to learn a very complex offense.

Second I don't agree with the Tolzien signing and or keeping him on PS for more $. The man has never thrown a regular season pass or taken a snap in the NFL. All his limited work was in preseason. Big gamble on a hunch. Mark me down as skeptical.

Moving on J. Finley was placed on IR this week. A very smart move giving Fin a chance to really think things through. If he clears from a medical stand point I expect Green Bay to offer a 1 year deal and give Finley a chance to "redo" last year. It's the Packer way !

I want too quickly address the offensive line which has improved in run blocking but the pass pro is still too hot/cold with your franchise out there every snap. This issue continues to be an Achilles to the team. Please TT no more tweeners... draft a solid pass pro OT !

Defensively I went back over two weeks on NFL rewind and watched a ton of film. Two things stand out.
We still out think our selves at times... meaning you have to go out and play aggressively and have confidence and we sporadically just tend to brain fart and go soft.
I really can't say if it's scheme or coaching or just a product of a young football team  but it's glaring.

Second the Packers play worse every time MM goes low numbers on DL for ST.  We have 3 or 4 big boys but when our O struggles they get gassed and then gashed rather quickly.

The defensive must step up the next 3 weeks and say " it's on us" play with pride and play mad.

I want to remind everyone that we are all Packer fans. That injuries happen to every team and that win lose or draw we stand together as packer nation. When folks get passionate don't get angry, allow them to vent and lift them up.

Well that's enough crazy rant for now. Let's go get ready for Philly and as always Go Pack Go !

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