Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rebirth Of

By 68md

 A few weeks ago I announced a very big move that would have led to my site being brought under the umbrella of one of the biggest packer sites around.

 Alas this arrangement was not meant to be. I discovered that my passion and vision for Packer football and others did not mesh.

With that is reborn and re-energized.

We will move forward with new members and a new focus on covering the packers. Our vision and goals are as follows :

 1. To cover and discuss the Green Bay Packers in an objective and fair manner that looks at all sides of the argument.

 2. To grow are message board and blog into the best community on the net.

 3. To work in unison with other Packer sites so that our members have the best total Packer experience they can get.

 4.  To have fun doing the above in a environment where everyone feels welcome.

 I welcome all of you to the new reborn

Join us and feed your Packer addiction !


  1. Very nice site with a lot of very good, familiar posters. One question- why the "prove you're not a robot" feature on the comments? My eyesight isn't what it used to be, and that is really rather annoying. Could it be eliminated?


  2. Anti SPAM feature. Sorry about that