Monday, February 25, 2013

Packers Draft Possibilities: QB

by Caleb Wahlgren

One thing that the Packers know incredibly well at this point in their scouring of the roster.  Aaron Rodgers is a stud.  Clearly the Packers are not going to be going after the top rated QB's in the draft, and I think that most Packers fans would agree that we are not too fond of what we had seen out of Graham Harrell.  I even saw people saying that they wanted the Packers to go after Tebow as a backup, a move that I would not endorse.  There are many needs for a team that won the Super Bowl just 2 years ago, and has won the division the last 2 years, but we all know that without Rodgers we don't stand much of a chance.  Here are 3 prospects that we could hopefully get late in the draft and groom them to be a better backup than Harrell.

1.  Matt Scott: 6'2" 213 lbs. Arizona

Personally I like Scott for the athleticism that he brings to the table.  He put up some great times in the 20 yard shuttle and 3 cone drill, and he ran the Rich Rodriguez spread option offense at Arizona this past season.  I think that he could survive behind our offensive line, and if he came in he reminds me of a cross between Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick, two running college quarterbacks who were successful in running the spread, read option offense that is quickly becoming trendy in the NFL.  Also, he had been behind Nick Foles before this season, and Foles hasn't been bad as a backup in the NFL.

2.  Collin Klein: 6'5" 226 lbs. Kansas State

Klein would be more of a longer term project for the Packers.  His known problems are connected to his footwork and delivery, things that the Packers quarterback coaches are keen on teaching.  Again Klein is a strong runner, something that would be a change of pace from what the Packers have seen in the past, but Harrell is the opposite as a complete statue.  Klein was a proven winner in college, and that is something that hasn't hurt in young quarterbacks lately.  A lot of people wouldn't be keen on drafting Klein as he fell apart toward the end of last season, but he had a concussion, something that is incredibly hard to bounce back from.

3.  Colby Cameron: 6'2" 212 lbs. Louisiana Tech

Cameron is listed on the Combine website as having a quick release and not making mistakes.  I think NFL teams will forget that he lacks size because smaller quarterbacks keep having more success in the NFL.  Last year he threw 428 passes in the season before throwing his first interception.  If he's around in the 7th round, he's probably worth more of a flier in my opinion that B.J. Coleman was last year.  He did win the Sammy Baugh award last year for the best passer, and clearly he is a low round quarterback, even if he mainly threw short passes.

When it comes down to these 3 quarterbacks, I have trouble ranking them as how I would want the Packers to take them.  My preference would be Scott, Cameron, and then Klein, just because Klein would be more of a project and I want to have someone who could be a solid backup for the Packers this next season.  Every time we put Harrell in, it doesn't seem like we trust him to throw the ball, and everyone on defense knows that too.  Anyone else that you would like to see?  Place a note in the comments or let me know on twitter @kdiggs74 or put something on the packeraddicts forum, which is a great place to share your information with fellow Packer fans.

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