Monday, July 23, 2012

Pardon The Interruption ~ My View on Penn State

I want to break in on our Packer preview to chime in on Penn State. First and foremost I hold no love for them... there is no excuse for what happened period.

Now on to this horse manure theory that because they have no bowls and cut down on scholarships they can't be competitive ? Sorry but 65 kids on a full ride is more then enough to get it done.

But no 5 star kid will want to go there ?! Big hairy deal... 60% of 5 star kids are a bust. You go get 3 star or less and kids who places like Ohio state said wasn't good enough.

Hell give them to me ! I'll take those boys with attitude and teach them fundamentals... how to tackle and baby I'll win 6 or 7 games a year !

My point is that Penn State isn't dead in fact if it has leadership it may in fact find that this endeavor leads them to prosper. I find it rather disturbing that so many want to "kill the program" and "Shut it Down".

At the end of the day that still doesn't solve the issue. At the end of the day that in no way is justice for those kids. I see a whole lot of self serving and a lot of hate.... and I see nothing really being done for the victims or to those who covered it up.

Joepa is dead. The monster is in jail. The program has been punished and PSU humiliated. Frankly it's time to let this chapter end and to heal.

It's time to close the book. Pardon The Interruption

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