Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Packer 2012 Preview : The Safeties

By 68MD

Safeties in GB were perhaps one of the most maligned groups of all in 2011. Poor tackling and miscommunication plagued this group all season.

It all starts with Morgan Burnett, he made some mistakes last year but also played with a broken hand and finished with 78 solo tackles and 11 pass break ups. If Burnett can get better in coverage and step up his leadership role it will go a long way.

Charlie Peprah really had an awful 2011 in coverage and at times just looked lost. I don't see him back this year.

M.D. Jennings has all the skills and desire to be a starter in GB but lacks some of the physical attributes... I would watch "Doc' close as a camp dark horse.

Rookies Jerron McMillian and Sean Richardson are pegged by some to make noise this season. I personaly didn't care for both in college. I watched Richardson at Vandy and thought he was burned too much for my liking.

McMillian has a huge upside but needs a year or 2 in the system and weight room.

Anthony Levine is in a put up or shut up camp. In all honesty he won't have a better chance to make a team.

My Safeties are Burnett and M.D. Jennings starting with Levine and McMillian backing them up. I believe Peprah gets cut and that Richardson is a PS player this season.

The staff must get communication in coverage corrected in camp. Too many times we had safeties and CB playing different coverage's last year.

Overall if they stay healthy there is no reason we can't improve at safety in 2012.
Don't be surprised if this group falters early that a guy like Levine gets let go for a solid vet after cuts.

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