Tuesday, June 19, 2012

When Enough Is Enough

By 68md

In the last 24hours events have unfolded with Anthony Hargrove ( I was framed ) and now Johhny Jolly wanting to be reinstated.

I want everyone reading this to think like a coach for a minute. Come on just push away and stay with me.

OK you drafted a DE/DT in Worthy that you want to start and have excel, you have several young studs like CJ Wilson and Lawrence Guy. You have x number of practices and limited time to get them going and see who goes and who stays.

Do you keep Hargrove ( out 8 games and looking rather um scruffy) and possibly a guy in Jolly 2 years removed from action ?

Do you take snaps away from the guys that will play and are guaranteed to contribute ?

Yes I know everyone wants JJ to come back and succeed. But at what cost ? This is a very deep football team that had some great OTA and is bonding.

At some point as a GM and HC coach you have to move on. We kept guys like Justin Harrell one year too long. Let's be fair and cut both these players loose and move on as a team and organization.

My two cents

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