Saturday, June 16, 2012

Best of the NFC North

Hey guys,

My name is Caleb and I am the newest blogger for GB Packer Addicts.  I do want to let you all know that I care deeply about the Packers and have enjoyed being alive for two Super Bowl wins of theirs.  While the Packers are above and beyond all other NFL teams in my heart and mind, I figured that I would start of with my objectivity by creating the Best of the Division roster.  Consider it as a Pro-Bowl team (if we keep having them), but only with players from the division we like the most.

1.  Aaron Rodgers
2.  Matthew Stafford

Rodgers has the NFL MVP from last season and has one of the best TD-INT ratios that anyone can remember.  I picked Stafford over Cutler simply because I think he is a better QB and let's face it, we all know that Cutler has no heart.

1.  Adrian Peterson
2.  Matt Forte

Some people who read this may think that I am putting Peterson ahead of Forte because I am an Oklahoma resident, but really when it comes to college ball I am a Husker fan.  Peterson is bigger and more likely to run you over and Forte simply leaves something to be desired.  The Packers could have some room for improvement here but with our great passing game it hasn't really mattered that much, and besides we clearly don't mind that much when....

1.  John Kuhn

Kuhn is our "Jack of all trades" running, receiving, blocking.  He simply is the best.

1. Calvin Johnson
2. Greg Jennings
3. Brandon Marshall
4. Jordy Nelson

MEGATRON has been awesome since he played at Georgia Tech and imo he deserved the #2 overall pick by Detroit even though it probably cost Matt Millen his job.  Jennings has been great and has the experience to prove it.  I fear that many people will be upset at me placing Marshall #3 on this list, but when he actually has a QB to throw to him, he has been really good--see Denver.

Pass Rusher
1.  Jared Allen
2.  Julius Peppers
3.  Clay Matthews

Don't get me wrong Packer Addicts, I am crazy about Clay Matthews and enjoyed him getting in on the discount double take commercials.  Jared Allen has been great on the Chiefs and Vikings and racked up 20 sacks last season.  Peppers has always been great and has that extra threat to block field goals/extra points when the game is on the line because he is just an athletic freak.  That Means that Clay is 3rd.  I already told you all that I am a Husker so Suh is probably next but it is tough to put him 4th on a divisional list as well.  I want to see Nick Perry be first on this list next year.

1.  Charles Woodson

Let's face it.  Putting someone number two behind Woodson would be a slight to Woodson.  He is a true future HOF and has a Heisman that he took over Peyton Manning, yeah, a college football championship at Michigan and now his Super Bowl win with the Packers.  Let's also not forget that he stripped the Football in what has now become known as the tuck rule game.

Well.  If you guys have any questions just let me know by commenting or send me a tweet: @kdiggs74.  Let the debate begin.

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