Monday, July 28, 2014

Randall Cobb Should Follow Jordy Nelson's Path

When the news broke Saturday afternoon that Jordy Nelson had signed a 4 year extension with the packers, a sigh of relief was breathed by every Packer fan across the nation. One worry that Packer Nation had going into the 2014 season was being able to extend Nelson and third year receiver Randall Cobb. Well one of those goals was accomplished. Now it's time to lock up Cobb. But Cobb shouldn't be looking for elite money just yet.

Cobb has shown the capability of being an elite receiver, but he's struggled to stay healthy in each of the last two seasons. In 2012 he was having a great year, but a week 16 knee injury keep him out of a crucial week 17 contest against the Minnesota Vikings, and he was never right during the short playoff run. The same could be said for Cobb last year. he was building a nice repertoire with quarterback Aaron Rodgers until a broken fibula in a week 5 matchup with the Baltimore Ravens kept him out of the lineup for 2 months.

Cobb's injuries have been out of his control, and somewhat freak incidents. But nonetheless you still need your elite players healthy. That is why Cobb should just follow Nelson's track to success. Back in 2012 Nelson signed an extension, and he left a lot of money on the table. It was all worth it for Nelson however when he scored a big payday on the first day of the 2014 training camp. Cobb would be wise to take a smaller deal to stay with the Packers, and ensure that he'll have one of the best quarterbacks throwing to him. If Rodgers and Cobb both stay healthy then without a doubt Cobb will be getting paid like Nelson three years down the road.

There's no guarantee Cobb will take less money, after all this is the NFL and most players can be selfish at times when it comes to contract neogiations. However, Cobb went on record the second day of camp and said that he didn't think he'd done enough to deserve a contract exentsion. It was very odd to hear an NFL player say. Cobb does in fact deserve an extension, but he doesn't deserve top dollar.

Packers GM Ted Thompson would be smart to extend Cobb before the season starts. If he waits too long, Cobb could have an all pro season an get a big head, much like Javon Walker did in 2004-5. In the end I believe that Randall Cobb will be with the Packers for another 4 years before getting a big raise after Nelson exits. That's the packer way.

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  1. Can't agree with this. Players need to make as much money as the can as careers can be over quick. Cobb deserves to make as much money as he can. No reason to sell himself short just to help the team. If he has big year he should get paid for it.