Sunday, September 1, 2013

Ravings of A Forty Something Cheesehead

By 68md

Here we are with another roster and a new season in front of us. Today however I am compelled to talk about a few issues that are running about Packer nation.

Let's start with the remarkable story of Johnny Jolly. Never in my wildest dreams did I believe he could over come all the obstacles that he has. Kudos must go out to Jayme Joers Snowden of CHTV for her unwavering loyalty and proving many of us wrong about Jolly.

The next issue is going into 2013 with an OL line that is a couple injuries away from disaster. I know MM and his staff feel they have a core group but the stats say different.

Aaron Rodgers can not be subjected to another season of pounding and not addressing this falls firmly on the staff and front office. Watch this situation closely my friends.

I will address the BJ Coleman situation, it seems that we all forgot the TT/MM recipe of draft and develop. What we saw this week is no different then what the staff did with Graham Harrell a couple years ago.

Will it work out ? Time will tell but TT/MM are right more then wrong so after learning the hard way I am inclined to trust them.

In closing I want to address my little twitter spat with Mike Neal today.  First let me say I am a Green Bay Packer supporter, the team and organization.  I will and have and will continue to call things black and white. No favorites

Yes Mike Neal I would have cut you and used your spot for a OL, for reasons stated above and the fact that we let a couple other players go whom I considered having a better upside.

No Mr. Neal I don't regret saying it. I admire Mike Neals passion and wish him all the best but really maybe you should be in the film room studying the Niners tendencies... hmm.

I stand by my 11-5 prediction from last week. I do expect this team to struggle at times because all young teams do. But in the end we have to much talent and fine coaching which will help overcome adversity.

Until week 2.... GO PACK GO !

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