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2013: Looking Around The Division: WR

I hope that you all have enjoyed the posts on the QB & RB of our division, but now we are going to take a look at the Wide Receivers in the division.  Remember, we countdown to the top group at that position.  The rankings are for the group of receivers, not just the top one.

4.  Minnesota Vikings
  1. Greg Jennings #15 (29, 5'11" 198 lbs)
  2. Jerome Simpson #81 (27, 6'2" 190 lbs)
  3. Cordarrelle Patterson #84 (22, 6'2" 216 lbs)
  4. Jarius Wright #17 (23, 5'10" 182 lbs)
  5. Joe Webb #14 (26, 6'4" 220 lbs)
  6. Stephen Burton #11 (23, 6'1" 224 lbs)
  7. Greg Childs #85 (23, 6'3" 219 lbs)
  8. Rodney Smith #83 (23, 6'6" 219 lbs)
  9. Chris Summers #15 (23, 6'4" 220 lbs)
  10. Erik Highsmith #8 (22, 6'3" 190 lbs)
Greg Jennings has officially flipped the switch to a true purple and gold guy.  Jennings best years were actually with Rodgers as his quarterback.  His best season would have been in 2010, where he had 76 catches, 1265 yards, and 12 TD's.  Injuries have marred his last 2 seasons, MCL (2011) and groin (2012), causing him to miss a total of 11 games.  Jennings is a strong receiver, but his supporting cast is entirely awful.  Simpson had his first season in Minnesota last year, 26 catches, 274 yards, 0 TD.  He had come from Cincinnati, which had developed so much other young talent, that they didn't really need him any more.  Patterson is a rookie from Tennessee, the last pick they had in the first round.  It seems like he is a raw talent, but they will probably use him in simliar ways to how they have used Harvin in the past.  He is also supposed to be a kick and punt returner this season.  Wright has potential to move up the depth chart.  He hurt the Packers last year in week 17 with 3 catches, 90 yards, 1 TD.  Joe Webb was a quarterback last season, transitioning to WR.  Burton only had 5 catches last year.  Childs may not ever play meaningful football again.  Smith & Highsmith are rookies from the ACC.  Summers was on the practice squad last season.  So, it looks like they start out strong, and then don't have a lot of production or experience from there.

3.  Chicago Bears
  1. Brandon Marshall #15 (29, 6'4" 230 lbs)
  2. Alshon Jeffrey #17 (23, 6'3" 213 lbs)
  3. Earl Bennett #80 (26, 6'0" 206 lbs)
  4. Joseph Anderson #19 (24, 6'1" 195 lbs)
  5. Marquess Wilson #10 (20, 6'3" 194 lbs)
  6. Devin Hester #23 (30, 5'11" 190 lbs)
  7. Eric Weems #14 (27, 5'9" 195 lbs)
  8. Devin Aromashodu #13 (29, 6'2" 201 lbs)
  9. Brittan Golden #82 (24, 6'0" 185 lbs)
  10. Terrence Toliver #81 (25, 6'5" 204 lbs)
We all remember how great Marshall and Cutler have been together, but last season was actually their best season together.  118 catches, 1508 yards, 11 TD.  Those numbers are quite impressive for one season.  I'm very concerned from there on for their roster though.  Jeffrey and Bennett both have major injury concerns.  Anderson had no catches last year.  Wilson, Aramashodu, Golden, and Toliver are all new to the Bears this season.  Weems had only 2 catches last year.  Hester is mainly getting moved back to a returner, instead of a receiver, a move that they should have done a long time ago, but he is 30, so he probably won't be doing that too much longer.  I just like Marshall's size and productivity better than Jennings, plus Marshall has actually played with Cutler, while Jennings has never played with the guy that Minnesota currently has at QB.

2.  Green Bay Packers
  1. Jordy Nelson #87 (28, 6'3" 217 lbs)
  2. Randall Cobb #18 (22, 5'10" 192 lbs)
  3. James Jones #89 (29, 6'1" 208 lbs)
  4. Jarrett Boykin #11 (23, 6'2" 219 lbs)
  5. Charles Johnson #17 (24, 6'2" 215 lbs)
  6. Kevin Dorsey #16 (23, 6'2" 210 lbs)
  7. Sederrick Cunningham #13 (23, 5'11" 187 lbs)
  8. Jeremy Ross #10 (25, 5'11" 213 lbs)
  9. Terrell Sinkfield #5 (22, 6'0" 198 lbs)
  10. Myles White #19 (23, 6'0" 182 lbs)
There is a lot of size and speed on this team.  But it's primary strength is in it's depth.  In 2011, Jordy Nelson had his best season with 68 catches, 1263 yards and 15 TD.  Last season he was injured and missed 4 games, wasn't at 100% when he was on the field.  Cobb is a great slot receiver who was able to get over 1000 yards of offense with his rushing and receiving last year.  Cobb is probably being taken off of special teams this season, just because it isn't worth the risk of him being injured that way.  James Jones had always been a player that I had been concerned with passing it to him at the wrong time.  His best season was last year, he was able to get rid of his issue with drops, and he had 64 catches, 784 yards, and 15 TD.  The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported on May 24th that Rodgers thinks Boykin will get some opportunities as our 4th wide receiver.  I'm excited to see what Boykin can bring to the table.  Johnson & Dorsey were both 7th round picks this year with a lot of size and speed to push the issue of depth at WR.  Cunningham was signed before the draft and he's got 4.45 speed.  Ross has only been used as a returner for the Packers.  Sinkfield ran a 4.19 40 yard dash at the Minnesota pro day.  He was signed by the Dolphins and now by the Packers.  There are many people who are excited about Myles White.  White says his best 40 time is 4.30.  Also, White had 56 catches his final year at La Tech, 718 yards, 6 TD.  We definitely seem like we are reloading with all our receivers under 25 except for Jones & Nelson.

1.  Detroit Lions
  1. Calvin Johnson #81 (27, 6'5" 236 lbs)
  2. Nate Burleson #13 (31, 6'0" 198 lbs)
  3. Ryan Broyles #84 (25, 5'10" 192 lbs)
  4. Kris Durham #18 (25, 6'6" 216 lbs)
  5. Mike Thomas #19 (26, 5'8" 198 lbs)
  6. Corey Fuller #10 (22, 6'2" 204 lbs)
  7. Brian Robiskie #80 (25, 6'3" 209 lbs)
  8. Micheal Spurlock #15 (30, 5'11" 200 lbs)
  9. Matt Willis #12 (29, 6'0" 190 lbs)
  10. Devin Thomas #11 (26, 6'2" 211 lbs)
We all know that Megatron is the best nickname and best wide receiver in the division.  Over 1600 yards two years in a row.  122 catches last year. only 5 TD, but 16 TD the year before.  Burleson is a strong number 2 receiver as long as he doesn't hurt himself.  He hurt himself in his 6th game last year and hasn't returned yet, but he probably should come back this year, and if not, there is some good depth behind him.  Ryan Broyles is a strong 3rd receiver, who was coming on last year after Nate's injury.  He had 6 catches for 126 yards against Houston on Thanksgiving, and then was hurt in the next game.  Durham played with Stafford at Georgia, probably missed quite a few opportunities last year.  Plus he only showed up off the practice squad last year.  Mike Thomas had his best season with Jacksonville in 2010, with 66 catches for 820 yards and 4 TD.  Fuller was a 6th round draft pick this year.  Robiskie played late last year on the team, and scored a TD late in the season.  Spurlock comes over from San Diego, where he is primarily a return man, and he returned a kick and punt return for a TD.  Willis has mainly been in Denver, where he has 1 career TD.  Devin Thomas was a top notch draft pick with the Redskins in the 2008 draft.  But he never really panned out, Lions currently signed him but he was OOF last season and was technically retired.

So that takes care of all of the WR of our division, but next time I will be reviewing the TE of our division, which should be pretty interesting.  But before we are done, let's look at the total points for everyone so far.
1.  Detroit Lions-10
2.  Green Bay Packers-8
3.  Chicago Bears-6
3.  Minnesota Vikings-6

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