Sunday, May 20, 2012

Changes And Welcome

Recently I decided to close down and close a chapter with my old site Packerhq. I had many great times building the site and establishing relationships in packerland.
However over the last year things in the packer world became ultra nasty. Rumors flew and more and more I found my site dissatisfying. I went through changes at home and at work that made me realize it was time to close that chapter.

I already in the past couple of weeks have found that many "friends " and followers were fake. I can tell you that those who stood with me and did not falter are very close and dear to me, family in every sense of the word.
Thank you.

We open GB Packer Addicts with a more low key approach. Fun and fellowship in a decent environment is our goal while fulfilling are commitment to keeping packer fans abroad informed on the pack.

If that sounds like a community you would enjoy then please join our family at

God bless you and GO PACK GO !

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